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The Spiritual Jew

The Spiritual Jew, what is that?  The religious and spiritual life of a Jew is based on a vast body of written works that include the Tanach (Torah, Nevi-im/Prophets, and Ktuvim), the Mishna, the The Talmud, and the tremendous assemblage of commentary, legend (agadah), halachah (Jewish law), and philosophical compositions.

Mazor Guides foray into the world of Jewish spirit is ambitious.  Though relatively modest right now, we plan to bring to our visitors weekly torah portion commentary, stories touching the lives of spiritual Jews and Jewish communities, as well as contributions of Jewish thinkers on a wide array of subjects that pertain to the religious/spiritual Jewish world. 

MazorGuide - Torah Thoughts is happy to bring to our readers the Weekly Torah Portion, written by different folks of different backgrounds. More...
MazorGuide - Tehilim and Prayer
Tehilim, תהילים, is one of the books of the TANACH, an is included in the collected works known as the "Writings" or Ketuvim.  More...
MazorGuide - Chessed World (Charity) is proud to shed light on acts of kindness performed by individuals and organizations. Acts that merit our admiration and support. More....
MazorGuide - The Mitzvot (commandments)
The fundamental blueprint of the religion according to the orthodox perspective is based on the 613 Mitzvot or 613 Commandments.  More...


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