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Living Jewish - Laugh A Little :)

Looking back at our Jewish history… we’ve got to laugh. What else can we do? Laughter, as you know, is triggered when the unexpected happens. And is there anything more astonishing, unlikely, and improbable than Jewish survival? To quote Mark Twain, “The Jew has made a marvelous fight in this world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied behind him.”

So we Jews laugh, and make others laugh and have done so for years. Hey, even God practices his sense of humor when dealing with the Jews. Just consider this… who did he send to “talk” the Egyptian Ruler into letting His people go, but the speech impaired Moses?

One may argue, and perhaps justifiably, that over the years Jews needed laughter and wit to brighten darkened days of oppression and persecution. However, here is another plausible perspective. Perhaps it was the prejudice, bigotry, and the restriction of physical and professional freedom, that left us Jews with no choice but to take flight in words and refuge in the world of humor. Indeed, it may have been those “hands tied behind [our backs]” that propelled us into this world of laughter. A world where ruthlessness, stupidity, and muscle succumb to the weak, defenseless, but clever. A place where wisdom and wit reign supreme.

In honor and deference to our old, beautiful, and funny tradition, is bringing laughter and joy to you, our visitor. A compilation of funny tales of yore and jokes galore, about Jewish leaders and Jewish mothers (aren’t those two one and the same?); about affairs of state, and affairs of the heart; about dating woes and pregnant glows.

So laugh a little… won’t you?

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The HAUNTED SMILE:  The Story of Jewish Comedians in America
by: Lawrence J. Epstein - From the Marx Brothers and Allen Sherman to Joan Rivers and Jerry Seinfeld.
Big Book of Jewish Humor; William Novak, Moshe Waldoks (Photographer)
101 Classic Jewish Jokes : Jewish Humor from Groucho Marx to Jerry Seinfeld; Robert Menchin, Joe Kohl (Illustrator)
Jewish Humor : What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews; Joseph Telushkin
A Treasury of Jewish Humor; Nathan Ausubel(Editor)
A Treasury of Jewish Folklore : Stories, Traditions, Legends, Humor, Wisdom and Folk Songs of the Jewish People; Nathan Ausubel (Editor)




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