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Initially conceived as the Jewish Celebrations resource, the ever expanding Mazor Guides website network is now providing information and guidance for many facets of Jewish life. You will find resources and guidance, both spiritual and practical, for Jewish weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, for kosher observance, guides for the Jewish Holiday, guides for health and wellness, Jewish travel information, Jewish intellectual pursuits and much more.

The Mazor guide for Jewish Celebrations is the most elaborate of our sites, with extensive guides to Jewish Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other Jewish rites of passage, including the perspectives of the three major denominations.  Our Jewish Holidays guide, is informative and useful, as are the guides to health and wellness and the guide to Kosher Living.  Currently, we are working feverishly on the Mazor Guide to Jewish travel and Jewish communities around the world.  Keep visiting and see us grow!

MazorGuide - LivingJewish
There are dramatically different ideas about how a Jewish life may and/or should be lived. Streams of Judaism, Living the Laws and More...
MazorGuide - HolidayCentral
Jewish Holidays are so Jewish! And how, you may ask? Read About  it! Holiday Overviews, Customs, Traditions, and lots  More...
MazorGuide - JewishCelebrations
The MazorGuides website network is here to help you through this time of happiness and stress. What you need to know before your book your Celebration vendors, plus the best Jewish Celebrations directory!.
MazorGuide - The Spiritual Jew
The religious and spiritual life of a Jew is enriched with the study of the vast body of work, including the Tanach, Talmud & a sea of information on the religion, culture and traditions.
MazorGuide - KosherDirectory
So what is kosher? Read about the rules and regulations of kashrut, and dispel the many myths and misconceptions. Kosher etiquette; Who is Kosher consumer?; Kosher Supervision Organizations, and lots lots
MazorGuide - Jewish Culture
Secular Jewish Culture consists of literature, art, film, theater, music, that is not religion based, but stems from Jewish experience & the Jewish Peoples interaction with the worlds in which they live.
MazorGuide - SingleSpace
Whether you’re a fresh-faced college grad, a been there-done that-seen that club scene graduate, or a parent plunged back into the dating life, This is for you.
Coming soon
MazorGuide - Zei Gezunt
Since the middle Ages Jews have regarded medicine as a most honorable professions and many pursued it with passion. Why the attraction between Jews and the healing profession? More...
MazorGuide - TravelJewish
Information, resources & stories of Jewish Communities around the world, including a rich archive of articles penned by Mr. Stanley Mann, a poet and a writer imbued with the love of Jews, Judaism, and Jewish culture. 
MazorGuide - ShoppingOutlet
Need assistance with picking up the perfect present for your bosses' child Bar Mitzvah, your friend's wedding, your spouse's birthday, your in-laws wedding anniversary? Click here.


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